Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No Place I'd Rather Be

If you have been following my blog with any regularity, you know that last summer was pretty excrutiating for me. Considering that I'm a California girl, I was not prepared for overcast skies and temperatures below 70 all summer long. Of course, everyone around here was quick to say that our summer was abnormally cold. I wasn't buying any of it! All I know is that I needed sunshine desperately and I didn't get it.

At the risk of jinxing the rest of our spring and summer, let's fast forward to today, April 29. Already, we have had more amazing, sunny, warm (temps in the 50s) days than we had all last summer. I am LOVING it! Aside from the fact that our family and close friends are thousands of miles away, there is no place I would rather be on days like this. There is something breathtakingly spectacular about Alaska when the sun is shining. I can honestly say, that I would take a sunny day in the 60s, here in Alaska over a California day in the 90s or 100s anytime.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!!
Keep them coming.
Hope all is going great.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It is the same here in Illinois. I love the 60-70 degree spring or fall days. It is nice to be in Calif when you have had enough of lousy weather, but those spring and fall days just make up for it. Of course I can't say much for the really cold or humidity, Calif beats that any day.

Laurie D